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    Ok, so this is a lot easier than texting everyone, and having everyone's phones blowing up with texts... So ignore the randomness of this link and page.

    I have an idea, and I want to know what people think of it. But I need to know somewhat soon, bc I need to have it built into the public calendar that we start with, at the beginning of the ice season. 


    Idea is to run a 6 week pond hockey league, to be held on Sunday or Monday nights, starting in January. It will be organized games, with a tournament at the end, to determine the champs. 

    Here are the details:

    • I am running the league independently. Not through Parks and Rec. so that we can avoid having to publicly promote it, and abide by city/parks rules on fair play and such. This will be a "Private Event" held weekly.
    • Teams will be of 3 or 4 skaters
    • Plan is to play 2-3 games per night (Sunday or Monday night) starting at 8pm.
    • Games will be 3 periods each, and played like tournaments, being that there will be 2 games being played at the same time. (Alternating periods).
    • Fee will be $110 per player (Normal pond fee for 8 weeks is $96) or $330 per team, bc I would have to personally rent the rink for 2 hours each Sunday/Monday night, as a private event.
    • I will plan to have some form of award for the 1st and 2nd place teams.
    • If we get a lot of interested players/teams.. I will divide into divisions and or skill levels (A/B and C/D leagues)


    There will be additional details, but I just need some basic interest levels and feedback from people, before I lock in the schedule and hours for the season and can assure the Parks and Rec department that if I block out 2 hours each week for a private event, that it WILL get booked, and the money will be there. So if enough people say they are in, and want to do it, I can feel more confident locking this in and putting my name to it. 


    You can always text me to reply to this, or ask questions.