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    From the Stick Wrapz Studio — composite hockey sticks

    Composite Sticks Now Available For Customizations

    Composite Sticks Now Available For Customizations

    Stick Wrapz is now offering composite sticks directly on our website, which we can customize with a custom designed wrap to be applied to the stick. One of the biggest question we keep getting asked is "Can your wraps be used in actual games?" and we have long replied "yes!" however we did not yet have an option in place for customers to order sticks direct from us and our partners. 

    Today we are excited to announce that we have teamed up with The Hockey Arsenal to offer their line of affordable and high-quality composite hockey sticks directly on our website, and have them customized with a custom designed wrap featuring your logo, your colors, your name, and more.. 

    We still make it an option to send us your current hockey stick for customization, but by adding sticks such as Envy, Covet, and Jealousy to our offerings, you are able to get a high quality hockey stick without having the added step of shipping a stick to our offices to be wrapped. 

    You can find all of the specs for each composite stick, directly in our composite stick section. The price includes the wrap, and custom paint work on the blade. You are still able to add in accessories from Hockey WrapAround, Absolute Filth, and Buttendz to your final purchase at the time of checkout.